We have a great wealth of experience when it comes to organising all sorts of  football tournaments in London



Our members are all friendly people so you can get great networking opportunities



Our tournaments are opened to anyone from great beginners to semi-professional players


This is not like your regular league as there is no need to financially commit yourself or your team for months ahead

about us

In our experience, finding a 5/6/7-a-side league in London is not difficult as there are plenty of websites or apps to join weekly leagues located across the city. 

However, the problem with these is that everybody is so busy in London that it isn't always easy to find reliable people who can commit themselves to playing on a weekly basis. Even if you do manage to get a team together, you often find yourself up against unfriendly people who are so desperate to win that you would think their lives depended on it!

We have created this football group so that you can experience the buzz of competitive football without the hassle of committing to play every single week. You can join as a team, or just as an individual and we will make sure to put you with other players of the same ability as you...and yes, beginners also take part in these competitions so don't hesitate to join us if you haven't played much football in your life, or are a bit rusty after a break in your football career!


More information about what we are doing in our blog below...

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